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Looking for car parts in Whitehorse? We ship vehicle parts and manufacturer parts to Whitehorse, Carcross, Ibex Valley, Mt. Lorne, and Watson Lake, YT. If you’re shopping for a new set of tires, then we’re the dealership to check out. Welcome to our Parts Centre. Can we help you find what you’re looking for? You can order auto parts here, or if you’re hoping to find Parts Specials in Whitehorse, we often have some great deals!

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During your vehicle’s servicing, no matter its make and model, we will use grade-A parts for your vehicle. Our Parts Staff stock a full supply of parts for luxury vehicles too! All our parts in our Service Centre are guaranteed quality, and Certified Service Technicians will be installing them. For car parts in Whitehorse, we’ve got all your needs covered, like your need to deck out your vehicle with accessories! We’ve got a ton of accessories available for Nissan Rogues, Pathfinders, Titans, Frontiers, and Muranos in Whitehorse, like step rails for the Nissan Titan! You’ll also find all the most renowned tire brands with us—our tire selection is second to none, so whatever you have in mind, we’re sure we already thought of it. All these items can be picked up easily by customers throughout Whitehorse, Carcross, Ibex Valley, Mt. Lorne, and Watson Lake, YT.

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Would you like to place an order? You can do so with our Order Auto Parts form. We ship anywhere in Canada, and you can expect immediate shipping to Whitehorse, Carcross, Ibex Valley, Mt. Lorne, or Watson Lake. Our Service Centre is also available to you if you’d like us to install any parts for you. If you’d rather come into our dealership for car parts in Whitehorse, then we’re happy to help. Our dealer is located at 2261 2nd Avenue, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 5W1. Looking for something you can’t find online? Call us anytime at (867) 668-4436. And for any other contact details, click here.