Credit Rebuilding

Credit-Challenged? Come to Us!

Are you struggling with a lacking credit history? Maybe you just have a poor credit rating or even no credit at all. That’s not a problem for our Certified Financial Experts here at Yukon Nissan! Whatever your situation might be, it isn’t beyond your control—we promise. Job loss, bankruptcy, divorce, recent immigration, and having no credit rating might seem like problems to you, but to us, they’re opportunities to rebuild and renew. We believe bad credit shouldn’t haunt you, and we’re experts in rebuilding credit into something to be proud of. Applying for credit online is easy and confidential, and you have nothing to lose.

How to Rebuild

Did you know that financing a vehicle is one of the best ways to rebuild your credit? It’s true. Here’s how it works. When you agree to finance a new or used vehicle, you enter into an agreement with a financial institution. You agree to make regular payments on the vehicle, and Yukon Nissan negotiates these payments on your behalf. We’ll ensure they’re affordable and tailored towards your particular financial needs.

As you make the regular payments on time, the financial institution takes notice and learns to trust in your reliability. Building this trust is what improves your credit rating! Your credit improves and improves until eventually, you’ve paid off your vehicle in full!

Now you have an established credit rating and your bank’s trust. Your bank will be much more likely in the future to approve other types of financing or loans, like a mortgage for a new home! And it all started with financing a vehicle through Yukon Nissan. Ready to apply? Here’s how…

Get Approved Today!

Applying takes only a moment, and it’s 100% confidential. Click here for our online Application Form. After you’ve applied and within 24 hours, a Certified Financial Expert will get back to you and arrange an appointment. You can always come see us in-person, if you like! Yukon Nissan is here at 2261 2nd Avenue, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 5W1. Or you can phone us at (867) 668-4436! For all other contact details, please click here.